Farms present many potential hazards such as animals, fur, dirt, uneven ground, and too many others to list comprehensively. It is not a sterile environment, and animals are not machines. Kangaroo Creek Farm and its operators cannot and will not accept any liability for loss or injury should you choose to visit. Please leave your dog at home and absolutely no smoking. A carelessly discarded cigerette butt can make an animal seriously ill or start a fire. Please be considerate, police your own children and use common sense. Abusive behavior to animals or staff will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave at any time. Thank You.


$10 adults, $5 Youth (anyone under 19), $5 seniors (65 and older).  Children under 5 free.

We reserve the right to change our fees without notice. The admission fees posted on the website at take precedence over any out of date advertising. We appreciate your support! Your Admission keep our farm staffed and running smoothly.

Admission is $10 adults, $5 Youth (anyone under 19), $5 seniors (65 and older).  Children under 5 free. Most people find plenty of things to amuse them here for between 1 to 2 hours (some people stay all day) so that’s a pretty good deal. How many venues offer the opportunity to pet or hold a baby kangaroo?

Admission Rates have not changed. However, we have expanded the sale of punch cards and the opportunity to save more than 50% on adult admission. They are now available for purchase all the time except in July and August.

We are trying to keep our farm as non-commercial and “un-Disney-fied” as possible. With this in mind we are keeping our admission fee extremely low considering what is on offer. Your admission fee goes toward covering the considerable cost of employee wages (we don’t have volunteers), lease-hold costs and improvements, liability insurance, driveway improvements, additional fencing, gates, signage, buildings, porta potties and associated supplies, hand-wash stations, etc and so on. Admissions have nothing to do with the welfare of the animals. You can rest assured that the animals have always been well cared for and always will be, regardless. We only accept cash, punch cards or gift cards at this time.


The cards are $50 each (includes GST) and have 10 punches plus one free bonus punch.

Each punch square represents one paying customer coming into the farm regardless of age. You can use as many punches up in a single visit as you want to. You can use up the entire card in one shot if you like. The maximum savings can be achieved by only using the card for those in your party that would otherwise pay a $10 admission fee. They don’t expire. You can USE your card any time we are open, you just can’t BUY one in July or August. So think ahead if you plan on visiting during that time period and get it in advance. The cards are not restricted to a specific person. You can lend your card to a friend or buy it as a gift for someone else. Don’t lose it. If your dog eats it, or you wash it along with your shorts, we won’t replace it. The cards are not redeemable for cash, and/or other services and products.

The cards can be purchased at the farm (cash only) any time we are open except July and August, and from Olive Us in Lake Country or Vernon for cash, debit, or credit any time the store is open except in July and August. Olive Us does not profit from the sale of our cards. Olive Us is not liable and is made blameless from any negative outcome that proceeds from the sale of our punch cards.

Holding of the Joeys

This is a very special, free activity that we try to provide to our guests to the best of our ability.

In high season we get a lot of visitors. There are very limited numbers of joeys. We try our best to accommodate as many people as possible. We regret the long wait time and the short holding time but there is essentially nothing we can do about it other than offering the following advice:

The perfect visit in regard to short waits and extended snuggling happens during the shoulder seasons. If you can avoid the weekends and the holidays that’s even more optimal. Visitors that come during these periods can often sit and hold multiple joeys for as long as they please.



Commercial groups such as schools, daycares, retirement homes, clubs and organizations must book by email at Wendy, our super-efficient farm manager will email you back very promptly with confirmation and a lot of useful info.  Unfortunately we cannot accept bookings by phone.  To avoid possible disappointment, please book as far in advance as possible as we try to limit how many large commercial groups are allowed to come at the same time. Click here to learn more about group and commercial visits.



There is public seating available for picnics and self-catered birthday parties. There is no extra charge to hold a birthday party at Kangaroo Creek Farm. Please tidy up after yourself and please don’t let your kids pick or trample the flowers.

We are having a bit of a problem with parents socializing on the lawn and sending their kids into the animal pens unaccompanied. This is not acceptable. I shouldn’t have to leave my work to search the property for a 2 year olds parents!

Birthday parties need to be cleaned up and gone by closing. There are bathroom facilities behind the house (porta potty). While the ground is a bit uneven in places, most of the property is wheelchair accessible.